If You are Not Using Ebates, You are Throwing Money Away.

Ebates is a great way to save money on nearly all of your online purchases. Their cash back program is a must-have for anyone who is shopping online.

Shopping online is something most of us do at some point. Some more than others. You can’t beat the convenience. You can comparison shop multiple stores in a matter of minutes, click a few buttons, and before you know it, you’ve made your purchase. And it all happens from the comfort of your home.

Many people don’t realize that there are ways to save money on your online purchases, other than just waiting for sales or looking for coupon codes. One of those ways is by using Ebates.

What Is Ebates?

Ebates is a way for you to earn rebates on products you buy online. Hundreds of stores participate in the Ebates system. Whenever you purchase something online at one of these participating stores after clicking on a special Ebates link, you earn a certain percentage of your purchase price back in the form of a rebate.

How Are You Paid?

The rebates do not happen immediately. In other words, you do not get money off your order at the time you make the purchase. Instead, your rebates accumulate in your Ebates account until a sufficient amount of time has surpassed to ensure you do not return the item and get a refund. Once that time has passed, the amount is fully credited to your account and you are paid on the next payday. Paydays occur 4 times per year.

Every quarter, Ebates sends out qualifying payments to members. I personally get my Ebates money deposited into my PayPal account. But if you prefer, you can have a paper check sent to you. My paydays have been occurring in February, May, August, and November.

How Much Money Can You Get Back?

It varies by store. And sometimes stores will have special deals where they will temporarily increase their Ebates percentages. Most stores give back between 1% and 6%, but there are instances of getting back up to 40%.

How Do I Get the Rebates?

Here is where you have to be careful. The only way to get the rebates, is to sign in to Ebates and click the link to the store you are shopping at first. Then, you can shop there as usual. When you make your purchase, the order information will be sent to your Ebates account. If you do not remember to click the link first, you are out of luck. You cannot go back and get purchases credited to your Ebates account after the fact.

Thankfully, Ebates offers some tools that help you remember. For example, there is a button you can add to Google Chrome that will automatically put a small pop-up on your screen when you are on a website that participates with Ebates. You just click the pop-up and you are automatically able to be credited for purchases without having to go to the Ebates website first.

Ebates also offers mobile phone apps to help make shopping from your phone even more convenient.

Can I Use Coupon Codes Too?

Yes! In fact, Ebates offers coupon codes right on their site. But, you can use coupon codes from anywhere in conjunction with Ebates and save even more!

Other Ways to Earn Money on Ebates

When you first sign up, you get a $10 gift card to one of several different stores. I believe my gift card came from Target. Additionally, you can refer friends to Ebates and earn even more money. For example, if you click on one of the links in this article and sign up for Ebates, I will earn a credit. If you do this, then thank you! These credits help me keep this blog running. 🙂 Anyone can earn these credits though, not just bloggers. You can send the link to friends via email or social media. The credits go right to your Ebates account and are paid out just like the other payments. The amount you make per referral often changes. It is typically $5 per referral, but then there are often bonuses added, some as high as $25 per person!

If you ever shop online, you should be using Ebates. I have had people tell me they thought it was a scam or that it was too good to be true. Trust me, it really works. I have never once not gotten the money due to me. In fact, I have earned back several hundred dollars since I signed up in 2011. It’s free money! Who doesn’t like that? 

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