How Selling on Amazon Turned Around My Finances

Over the years, I've had my share of financial ups and downs. When things have been bad, I've always fought hard to get back on my feet. Obviously one of the best ways to do that is to start making more money. Obviously this is easier said than done. I don't mean to imply that we can all just snap our fingers and increase our incomes. But, I've found that there are ways to increase our income that are easier and have a greater chance of success than others. One of those ways for me was … [Read more...]

How to Build a Freelance Service Business

When you first start out in business one of the first things you'll have to decide is what you will market. Will it be products or service based? Product-based sales tend to be the most talked about businesses, but a service-based business may be a better fit for you. A few service-based business choices might include: Graphic Design Web Design Website Management Website Setup Social Media Profile Graphics Social Media Profile Setup Social Media Marketing Management … [Read more...]

An Easy Online Business That Anyone Can Do

As a single mom with a single income, I always knew that I was one paycheck away from financial ruin. My strategy for dealing with this was to find different, totally legitimate ways to make money from home. One of the things I did, was to start an Etsy store. Etsy is an online marketplace for handmade and vintage items. Well, I am not super crafty or talented, so I never really thought Etsy was the right fit for me. But thankfully, I found that to not be the case. Last year, I bought Stuart … [Read more...]

7 Reasons You Should Sell Used Books on Amazon is one of the biggest e-commerce markets in the world. I personally don't know very many people who have never shopped there. Did you know that pretty much anyone can sell things on Amazon? Depending on what you want to sell, there are various stages of approvals you have to go through. But one of the easiest categories to be approved to sell in, is used books. I actually started selling used books on Amazon nearly 10 years ago when I was looking for a way to make some extra … [Read more...]