Beware of little expenses. A small leak will sink a big ship.
-Benjamin Franklin

My name is Amy and my journey to financial independence is ongoing. In my 40-something years of life, I have made a lot of money mistakes, but I have also learned many lessons and changed my bad financial habits. I’ve also learned how to make money online (legitimately with a lot of hard work!).

Amy-headshot-Aug2016-cropThe biggest lesson I have learned is that small changes can have a big impact. 

I still don’t have all the answers. But what I do know has helped me significantly improve my financial situation over the years. I started Smart Savvy Moms as a way to share my experiences, as well as the experiences of others, in business, money management, and life. I believe all moms can “have it all” with a community of moms there to back them up!

So welcome! I hope you enjoy what you read here. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter and visit us on social media for even more money making and money saving goodies.


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